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"Wyvern" Railway Ancestry Research Advice

Railway AncestorsWe have many sources available to us to help you answer the four basic questions you need to ask to trace your railway ancestor in ANY COMPANY in England and Wales during the period 1830 to 1923.

  • WHICH RAILWAY COMPANY did they work for?
  • WHEN were they working?
  • WHERE were they employed?
  • WHAT did they do?

Our research service provides information not just on your ancestor's railway record but also a wealth of background information including histories of the companies that employed them, stations where they worked, cartographic information and the social history of there occupation.

Thank you very much for your efforts and presenting your findings in such a professional manner. There is a wealth of information which gives us an insight into people living at the time - Mr N, Wiltshire.

Many thanks for pursuing and finding some fantastic Railway records of my Grandfather William Henry Charles Brinkworth, 10 years after my Enquiry.Your service has been fantastic and very proffessional and is a wonderful example to anyone requiring help.Your knowledge on everything relating to this subject is unsurpassed. You give fantastic value for money and I Highly Recommend "Wyvern" Railway Ancestry Research Advice - MB, Abergavenny.

Thank you very much for all the information you sent with regards to my great grandfather and the information on the GWR. I have found it very interesting. Thanks again for your efforts. - PH, Oxford.

Many thanks for the comprehensive information on my grandfather. Excellent. - R.W.

Thank you so much for all the information you have supplied about my great grandfather - you have clarified so much thank you so much for all your help - DP.

Thank yoU very much for all the information on my grandfather and the added information on the GWR which i found very interesting. - P.H.

You go the extra mile - J.D.

Giving Advice at a Family History FairFor Midland Railway enquiries our “WYVERN MIDLAND RAILWAY INDEX” offers the following resources:


We also give talks on the history of the railways which are suitable for Family History, Local History and Railway Societies. We attend many fairs and open days to offer advice on researching railway ancestors.